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Jake and Toby's
Big Adventure

A new children's book featuring two puppy brothers that teach children about the power of kindness. Join Jake and Toby who go around performing random acts of kindness in their community, and beyond. 

Do you want to join the Kindness Crew?

Jake & Toby are puppy brothers who love to make people smile and spread kindness in their community. Together with their friend Rhyming Ruby, they form the ‘Kindness Crew’ and set out on a big adventure to find people to help.

From teaching a baby bird to fly, to helping a lost pet find her family, Jake & Toby take young readers on an adventure to discover the power — and joy — of performing random acts of kindness.

Email to inquire about bulk orders for fundraisers, book fairs or birthday parties!

Being kind is something everyone can do!

“Jake & Toby’s Big Adventure” is intended for children of all ages. We happily recommend it to parents, grandparents, teachers, caregivers — anyone who loves children and wants to teach them how being kind and showing empathy toward others, can make you feel good too.

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