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Meet Logan. They Want To Change The World.

Logan Petersiel is a non-binary grade 12 student in Toronto, Ontario. They are a childhood cancer survivor and advocate for mental health, trans rights and childhood cancer care. In their free time they can usually be found with a ukulele.

Before I start, I believe it’s important to state that this is solely a reflection of my feelings of my own identity and that not all people might feel the same.

For me, being non-binary is identifying outside of the male/female binary. I am not a man or a woman and I am proud to be me.

This is not a decision I've made lightly and I feel that the label of non-binary is under a broader trans umbrella, because I was assigned female at birth.

The reason I am so outspoken about who I am is to inspire others.

I believe people need to see people exploring their identity in order to be open about their own. My goal is to show people that it’s ok to be authentically yourself no matter what.

People need to understand that all I want is effort and respect. If you respect and care about someone, try your best to use their preferred name and pronouns. It’s ok to slip up from time to time as long as you are trying.


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