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Map of Kindness


Total Acts of Kindness

Welcome to the Map of Kindness, a vibrant visual tapestry of compassion and community action hosted by the 50 Days of Kindness. Here, you can explore and celebrate the diverse acts of kindness that people around the world are engaging in, from environmental conservation to community support and beyond. This interactive map not only showcases the collective impact of these deeds but also inspires each of us to contribute our own acts of kindness, fostering a more caring and connected world. 


To add your act of kindness to the map, please follow these simple steps:


1. Select the appropriate kindness category that best describes your act. See below for a few tips.
2. Search for your country. DO NOT add personal information such as specific addresses.
3. Click "Submit" to share your contribution and inspire others on the Map of Kindness


Overview of Kindness Categories: 

Environmental Kindness: Acts focused on improving or preserving the environment, such as planting trees, cleaning up litter, or participating in a community garden.

Community Support: Actions aimed at supporting local communities, including volunteering at local shelters, donating to food banks, or helping organize community events.

Educational Outreach: Activities that promote education and learning, such as tutoring students, donating books to libraries or schools, or offering free workshops on important skills.

Animal Welfare: Acts that help animals, like volunteering at animal shelters, setting up bird feeders in public spaces, or rescuing injured wildlife.

Senior Assistance: Kindness acts directed towards the elderly, including visiting nursing homes, helping seniors with technology, or delivering groceries to those who are housebound.

Health and Wellness: Actions that contribute to health and wellbeing, such as organizing free fitness classes in a park, supporting mental health initiatives, or donating blood.

Art and Culture: Initiatives that enrich community art and culture, like painting public murals, performing free concerts or plays in the park, or offering free art classes to children.

Random Acts of Kindness: Spontaneous, small acts of kindness aimed at brightening someone's day, such as paying for a stranger's coffee, leaving uplifting notes in public places, or complimenting someone.

Disaster and Emergency Response: Actions taken to assist in times of disaster or emergency, including participating in disaster relief efforts, providing essentials to affected individuals, or helping rebuild damaged communities.

Inclusivity and Equality: Efforts to promote inclusivity and equality, such as organizing or participating in events that raise awareness about diversity issues, supporting minority-owned businesses, or advocating for equitable treatment of all community members.

Please note that this new feature was conceived and built using the new Kindness Coach GPT recently launched using the ChatGPT platform from OpenAI. The Kindness Coach encourages positive actions and inspires change and community well-being around the world. 

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