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Shop Local, Support Small Businesses Today!

This weekend, we decided to order (twice, actually) from @UnitedBakers, a century-old restaurant in the heart of North York run for four generations by the Ladovsky family. In addition to the storied history, ‘UB’ as us locals call it, serves the most incredible & scrumptious dairy-based comfort meals. If you haven’t tried their pea soup, fish & chips or six-egg omelettes, you truly haven’t lived. I’ve had out-of-town family come for a visit (pre-Covid) and want to stop at UB before even dropping their bags at home (that’s you @toritheorganizer - and PS, if you're in New York, visit her website if you need a home or closet re-org! Check out United Baker's website for a delicious take-out menu (convenient curbside pickup available) and to learn more about this long-time Toronto landmark’s incredible story:

So… YOUR CHALLENGE today is to shop local! There are so many options to try out, and so many people in each of our communities to support, especially with the holidays coming up.

Here is an amazing list of Black-owned businesses to support, courtesy of @blogto:

We also asked our good friend Candice Levine, owner of @thecandifactory, to give us her top picks for local shops she supports. Candice makes super comfy clothing and underwear for men and women (and has displayed at the One of a Kind show (@ooak_toronto) for 20+ years, so she should know!). Check out her website:

Candice’s Top Picks:

OUTLIER LEATHER CO. (Winnipeg) Indigenous-owned company selling leather bags, goods, etc: @outlierleatherco

WEST END PHOENIX - Give yourself the gift of local journalism! Check out @westendphoenix, a local Toronto west-end monthly newspaper featuring award-winning writers & insightful commentary on our changing city: @westendphoenix

I HEART SCOUT - Female-owned AWESOME gift store that carries Toronto brands: @iheartscout

DESSERTS AND SKIRTS - Local clothing company: @dessertsandskirts

ROUGH BARK KNITS - Hamilton-based company selling knit hats: @roughbarkknits

ATELIER TREMA - Beautiful plates/mugs/etc., made in their Quebec studio: @ateliertrema

CINELLIMAILLET - Local jeweller who makes amazing rings, etc., with ‘personality: @cinellimaillet

TYPE BOOKS - Buy books at Type Books - they have three stores in the city or they’ll order in anything you want: @typebooks @typebooksjunction @typebooksforesthill

LUMINAIRE AUTHENTIC - If you need lighting for a reno, skip the usual places and buy from this awesome studio in Quebec: @luminaire_authentik

BAGGY PANTS - Based in Muskoka, this family-run business makes fun, cozy PJ bottoms for the whole family: @baggypantsmuskoka

PIP ROBINS - Local shop makes leather & waxed canvas bags: @piprobins

Wherever you live, make an effort to support local if you can!

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25 nov. 2020

Timely post. We hit up United Bakers too. We’ve upped our take out and ordering from local establishments ten-fold to try to help the, survive in these so unusual times.

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